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What Can A Food and Body Freedom Coach Do For Me?


As a Certified Food and Body Freedom life coach, I can support you in moving toward your goals and removing any limiting and destructive behaviors that consume your life. By building a loving relationship with yourself, and seeing that you are so much more than your eating disorder, fears in your life that you maybe holding onto and the stories that you have about your body. We will work on accessing that inner strength that you have, and break the behaviors that take away from you being able to truly live! 

What kind of commitment do I need to make?


When you begin to work through deep rooted issues, it takes enough time to really dig deep and have the support to do so. With my 1:1 coaching there is the emotional commitment as well as time commitment I ask for you to agree to. My commitment to your success is my number one priority.

How do we get started?


The first step is to schedule a free introductory session. In that session, we will get an idea of how we can set up working with one another in the most effective and supportive way.