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**1:1 Coaching Program**

* I am offering an exclusive opportunity for limited openings to my 1:1 coaching program, where we will have weekly 1 hour sessions via Zoom/Skype, on the phone or in person. You will have unlimited access to me via email and FB messenger for support. This is an intimate and more exclusive way for us to work on everything that is holding you back from being AWESOME and beautifully you!  I will introduce and guide you to:

* Finding out what your passions and wants are out of life

* Look at what is holding you back from achieving these things

* See what limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the ways to change them

* Work on healing past wounds from your childhood, your family relationships and how these  have impacted your life

* We will uncover your beliefs about your self worth, past shame and guilt you may hold inside,  and discovering who you are under all the layers that have kept you hidden from the world

* We will explore the behaviors and patterns of your eating disorder and work on what is under this need to continue these destructive actions

* Changing the way a lot of us are people pleasers and afraid to speak our truth

* We will begin to work on acceptance of your body, meditations and workbook tools, to deconstruct these beliefs about your body and how it is tied to your worth

* Going into past wounds such as trauma and how childhood pain effects you now as an adult

* Plus, doing guided meditations with you (as well as giving you some to do on your own), tool worksheets to work through the road blocks keeping you stuck, videos I have done to compliment each weeks work and SO much more!

****My exclusive 1:1 coaching is a 3 month commitment, as it takes time to uncover deep rooted beliefs that you have held, and allowing for you to truly begin to heal***

* I understand how feeling stuck and in a place where you do not want to be is frustrating (to say the least). My eating disorder took way too many years of my life, but I know for sure that it does not have to be that way. You can be free from all that it encompasses.


* So, if this sounds amazing (and it really is!) drop me a line and we can chat!!!

***I believe in you, even if you feel that you do not believe in yourself right now***



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If you are ready to ditch the binge eating, yo-yo dieting, restriction and hating your body~let's chat! I am offering a FREE 45 minute session to get to know you better, your needs and wants for your life! 

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