Client testimonials

Client Testimonials~

"Erin had expert knowledge and skill set and ability to support and help me with my issues. I felt extremely supported and understood by her all of the time, and felt safe and connected. I was able to open myself completely for the first time to someone. It was amazing to be real with someone and to feel accepted for it. 

A break through for me was I embraced and connected to my vulnerability. I lost the fear to face the emotions I had numbed for so many years" 

~Nicole C. 


"Erin  was very supportive and I appreciated her help and guidance when I was really feeling lost. She gave me tools to use during the week, as well as meditations and worksheets that really helped. I felt safe and understood by her since she had gone through her own struggle with an eating disorder. She was always available when I needed extra support"

~Caitlyn M.


"A significant breakthrough, was being able to cut cords/ties (with unhealthy relationships and situations), and (guided) meditations. I felt safe and supported when working with Erin" 

~Angie T.


"Erin supported me during meal times and having her there was one of the biggest reasons I was able to continue with my meal plan after treatment. She helped me with my anxiety and fear around food, and normalized many of my eating patterns that I still was not totally comfortable with. We were able to talk afterwards to process the meal, which was very helpful!"

-Amy D.


"I felt she truly cared and felt her sincerity. She helped give me tools that could improve my life and encouragement to use them"

-Mital K.


"Erin came to stay with me before I went into a residential eating disorder program. She helped me during a time that probably was one of the worst in my life. I could not have done it without her. I have come out of treatment with a new found appreciation for myself and finally feel I can recover. Having her there with me, made such a difference to set me up with her nurturing and loving approach, and to know going into treatment I would be able to do it"

-Christine A.